2015 Fall Tree Sale

Thank you for your interest in the Washtenaw County Conservation District's Fall conservation plants and products sale. Your purchases support conservation work by the Washtenaw County Conservation District. Trees are intended for such conservation uses as reforestation, soil erosion control, windbreaks, screens and wildlife habitat improvements. It is unlawful for these trees to be resold with the roots attached, in accordance with the Insect Pest and Plant Disease Act, P.A. 189 of 1931, as amended.

To Pick up

Friday, October 9, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. at a location to be determined. Notification of pick-up location will be provided on order confirmation post cards. If you cannot make this date, contact the District Office for other pick-up arrangements.

Trees will be delivered in good condition. The District does not guarantee survival of trees. District liability ends after trees are presented to the buyer.

Other Info

Planting Instructions

Detailed planting instructions will be provided at pick-up. Information also is available online. See our Tree & Shrub Planting Guide and Tree Planting Basics.

Selecting Trees

See the online catalog for further details about each tree. A good root system must be developed before trees reach their indicated growth rates. Most trees grow slowly for 1-3 years after planting or transplanting and more rapidly after their root system becomes developed. Generally, trees with Rapid to Moderate growth rates reach 5-6 feet tall in 7-9 years. Moderate to Slow growth rates reach 5-6 feet tall in 9-11 years. Soils, weather, animal or other damage, weed and grass competition, and general care will also affect growth rates. Care must be taken when selecting fall planting sites and soils for the best winter survival. Avoid planting in low areas that may collect water and freeze, damaging seedlings. Limit planting in heavier clay soils because they have a greater tendency to freeze and thaw, causing seedlings to be heaved out of the ground. Use mulch to help moderate soil temperatures and reduce heaving.


Any extra trees will be sold during order pick-up at the pick-up location.

Tree Planting Machines

Mechanical, tractor-drawn tree planters (using your own tractor) are available for rent at $20.00/day, plus $5.00/1,000 trees planted. Contact District Equipment Manager Fred Schettenhelm at (734) 439-1829 to arrange planter rental.

Refund Policy

Orders cancelled 10 days prior to last day orders accepted will receive a full refund. No refunds will be given on orders not picked up, unless trees or plants can be resold. All plants remaining 1 week after pick-up may be sold.

District reserves the right to cancel orders and provide refunds for reasons beyond our control.


Call the District office at (734) 761-6721 X 5.

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